Acidic vs Alkaline. Why You Want Your Body to be Alkaline

Is your body acidic vs alkaline? Why should you care?

Everyone concerned about getting diseases such as Cancer, should pay attention to this excellent tip. Get your body alkaline with a ph value of 7.6 or higher (8.4 is ideal).

This vital information will also help people with cancer because if you can get your body alkaline, you will have a fighting chance (without drugs) to curb the growth of this terrible disease.

Doctors will confirm this fact if you ask them, but haven't volunteered it in past to me claiming they are too busy to talk about anything other than what you came in for.

Eating the right balance of foods is a good start, reducing stress is also important. These are only two examples of how to get the body alkaline.

The Swimming Pool Analogy

Which pool, acidic vs alkaline would you swim in? What about the water in your fish tank? If the water is not a good pH balance the fish would die.

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Doesn't it make sense that if your body is alkaline (aka the clear water) rather than the acidic water (the dirty one), that diseases such as cancer wouldn't survive? Ask your doctor about this and get ready to be surprised when they agree!

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Acidic Foods vs Alkaline Foods

By including two thirds (2/3) alkaline foods vs one third (1/3) acidic foods will help the body towards a more alkaline value. Most fruits and vegetables are alkaline, vs meat and dairy products. balancing acid vs alkaline foods click here

But stress, medications and polluted air, food and water we intake can also cause the body to be more acidic. We all have to deal with this in our every day lives, so trying to get the body more alkaline should be everyone's number one goal.

Acidic vs Alkaline Food chart

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