Air Pollution Effects

Until you stop and look at the air pollution effects your city has on your health you probably won't concern yourself with this thought. I beg you to consider that the air you are breathing in where ever you live or travel is doing you a lot more harm than you realize.

If your city has smog alerts through out the year and that smog travels to neighboring communities, especially where farming practices are conducted, then do you not think that those chemicals are not contaminating your lungs and your food at the same time?

Not step outside of thebox (where you live) and look globally at other cities and the air pollution effects those inhabitants are also ingesting. It gets pretty scary when you research air quality worldwide and realize that that air is everywhere!

Greece Smog

Greece Smog, Air Pollution Effects

Toronto Smog

Toronto smog, air pollution effects

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, Air Pollution Effects

Mexico Smog

Mexico smog, Air Pollution Effects

London Smog

London Smog, Air Pollution Effects

A picture is worth a thousand words, and these pictures of cities from around the world (and just about every city you google is the same) has poor air quality like these. Is it any wonder that lung disease is on the rise and thousands of people each year die prematurely of lung disease and they never smoked a cigarette in their life?

Air pollution is quickly becoming one hazard that we should all try to avoid!

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