Alternative Healing - Assist the Body in Healing Itself

There are many excellent "self-healing", therapies that you can learn which allow your body to heal itself. My sister, Lorna Chant, a retired scientific research assistant, is gifted in self healing, and constantly amazes me with new healing techniques that she always enthusiastically passes on to me.

Lorna is certified in BodyTalk and offers services both in person and occasionally long distance. After a successful career in science, she first became a Reiki Master, a hands on healing practice used around the world. Recently, she has added an intriguing therapy called BodyTalk.

What is BodyTalk?

BodyTalk is a simple and effective healing system that allows the body to heal itself. The body knows how to heal itself. When we cut our finger, our body's innate healing ability takes over without us thinking about it. All of our cells (over 50 trillion of them!) are in constant communication, and a perfectly balanced body-mind complex is designed for health.

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