Chemical Cuisine, a guide to food additives

Any wonder our children are becoming more hyperactive with all of the food colorings and additives that are found in their foods today? Where is the nutrition and are healthy eating guidelines being followed here?

To find out more about these chemicals we dine on and to learn which chemicals to avoid, follow the link below to Nutrition Actions May, 2008 newsletter where they outline and clarify dozens of common food additives and what they are used for.

I have enjoyed their newsletter for over 10 years, and find them to be a very credible and reliable resource for information on all of the food we eat today. They conduct their own research and are completely independent by being funded only by their subscribers.

Many additives are used to preserve foods for longer shelf life, to adding artificial taste and color to enhance otherwise very bland food that is mass produced. While most food additives are safe, some haven't been adequately tested. And, according to The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), some could be dangerous.

Educate yourself on what you are feeding yourself and your family!

Chemical Cuisine -guide to food additives

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