Food Matters -We Are What We Eat!

The Missing Link Between Health and Agriculture

"We are what we eat", "Food Matters" they say and has for generations. Isn't it time we finally connect the dots between malnutrition (over farmed lands, lack of minerals and nutrients in our diet), to the rise of diseases because of the increase use of pesticide in agriculture.

Pesticides in Agriculture

"The health of the people is dependent upon the quality of the food they consume. And the quality of their foods depends on the quality of the soil on which that food is grown." Jerome I. Rodale (founder of Rodale Press and known for his Prevention Magazine).

There is a debate taking place across our kitchen tables regarding the quality of food that we are eating and the effects of conventional farming practices on soil fertility.

Conventional farming practices see the soil as a means to an end. Driven by the dollar, soils are used and used and nutrients are drawn out of the soil rendering them as new deserts. Without crop rotation the soils are, if you will, raped of their minerals. Farmers are then forced to periodically saturate their crops with unnatural chemical fertilizers."

We are living in a nutritionally bankrupt society; is it any wonder we have more children and adults under-nourished, allergies on the rise and diseases like obesity at epidemic proportions?

For excellent information on nutrition info, healthy eating guidelines and research on the foods we eat today, watch here this excellent movie trailer named "Food Matters", a film coming out soon,and get a idea of why we should be watching what we eat.

Food Matters - movie trailer watch now

Food matters, but what about the air we breathe?

Pesticides from Agriculture practice

How would you like to be the farmer, or employee of a commercial farm finding out you have lead poisoning in your body from years of breathing in the chemicals you used to spray your crops? Your life may be cut short due to the effects these cumulative pesticides and chemicals have on your body.

But what if you do not farm. Are you at risk if you live in a city with polluted air? Let's look at some well know cities and how well their air quality is doing. Most certainly the people are getting sick but also their food matters too because of the environment they are grown in.

Air Pollution Effects Worldwide

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